JOURNAL OF THE BALKAN GEOPHYSICAL SOCIETY, Vol. 3, No 2, February 2000, p. 7-12, 2 figs.


Estimation of the natural radioactivity of the Albanian clays

Anastas Dodona

Center of Geophysical & Geochemical Exploration, Tirana, Albania

(Received 6 July 1999; accepted 14 December 1999)


. “ it happens that a man observing a phenomenon that didn’t cause the surprise to the others, concentrates his attention on it and reveals that the other have not observed …..” (Leriche, 1951)


Abstract: The paper deals with the natural radioactivity of Albanian clays used as raw materials for the construction industry (bricks, ceramics, cement, fillers etc.). The clays of Albania have already been investigated in the geological and mineralogical aspects, as well as for their physico-mechanical proprieties and reserves. Therefore, it was necessary in addition to investigate the natural radioactivity in order to complete their classification. The clays have good absorbent characteristics, especially as clays colloids.They also contain natural radioactive elements and rare elements. The gamma dose of the radiations emitted from the clays is proportional to their U, Ra, Th, and K concentration. In terms of the radiation safety, the natural radioactivity of the Albanian clays is below the recommended limits of the gama dose rate. Therefore they can be used for all kinds of public buildings. The paper also contains data on the radioactive and some other elements concentrations in soil samples.

Key Words: Natural Radioactivity, Albanian Clays, Raw Materials