Albanian geophysics through the time “Meeting of generations”

The Albanian Association of Geoscientists and Engineers organised a meeting to honor Prof. Dr. Alfred Frasheri on the occasion of his 65 anniversary. The meeting took place on the 21st of April, 2000. In this meeting, there were representatives of the Albanian Geophysical Society, the Faculty of Geology and Mining and the Polytechnic of the University of Tirana, the Albanian Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, the General Directorate of Geological Survey of Albania, the General Directorate of ALBPETROL, and the Geophysical Department of the Geological Survey of Albania.

Prof. Frasheri is well known hard worker whose contribution in the commencement and development of Geophysics in Albania was crucial. His work in the exploration for ore deposits, oil and gas fields, and engineering geophysics was huge, forming the base for further development. Prof. A. Frasheri served as Chairman of the Albanian Geophysical Society (1991-1999), and also as Chairman of Albanian Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (1998). He is an active member of EAGE, the Balkan Geophysical Society and SEG.

A large number of colleagues and friends participated in this meeting and wished him a long life and prosperous future work for the development of Geophysics in Albania.

The Balkan Geophysical Society joints in the celebration of the 65th anniversary of Prof. Dr. Alfred Frasheri with the best wishes for strong health and successful work in the field of Geophysics many years ahead.


Prof. Dr. Alfred FRASHERI

Prof. Alfred Frasheri was one of the pioneer geophysicists in Albania. He has shown a continuos activity for the last 47 years. His contribution in the development of the geophysics in Albania is outstanding. He has served as well logging operator (1953-1956), student in Tirana University (1956-1961), Dipl. Eng. in the oil seismic team (1961), chief of the Geophysical Teams for metallic deposits prospecting (1962), part time lector in the Faculty of Geology and Mining of Tirana University (1961) and full time lector from 1962, Assistant Prof. (1982), full Professor (1989), Chairman of Geophysical Chairs and Director of Earth Sciences Department (1992-1996). He has received the M.Sc. (1974) and Ph.D. (1987) degrees. He is currently retired from December 1998 and still serves as part time professor in the Faculty of Geology and Mining.

The President of Republic of Albania has honored Prof. Frasheri with the order "Naim Frasheri" for his distinguished activity in the organization and development of the Society of geophysicists and his contribution to the organisation of the postgraduate studies in Geophysics in Albania. He has been awarded also with the "Medal of the Work" for his contribution for development of the oil and gas well logging geophysics in Albania.

As teacher, Prof. Frasheri delivered lectures on geophysical prospecting methods and in particular on the electrical ones. His teaching activity was well combined and enriched by his scientific research. He was one of initiators of the research for the exploitation of the Induced Polarization Method in the search for cooper and chromite (1961-1962). He was also one of the first to deal with processing and interpretation of geophysical data by means of computers (1974). Prof. Frasheri has worked on the application of the geoelectrical methods for the onshore and offshore prospecting for oil and gas reservoirs, for copper, chromite, bauxite deposits and placers of heavy and rare minerals. He has also worked in geothermal studies and investigations in the context of Engineering Geophysics.

He has served as Chairman of the Albanian Geophysical Society (1991-1999) and also Chairman of the Albanian Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (1998). He is an active member of EAGE, SEG and the Balkan Geophysical Society.