Influence of the geomagnetic activity on the human functional systems

Irina Stoilova and Thomas Zdravev

Solar Terrestrial Influences Laboratory, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

G. Bonchev str. Bl.3; 1113 Sofia, BULGARIA

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Received 15 March 2000; accepted 9 May 2000

Abstract: Changes in the normal functioning of the central nervous system, vegetative nervous system, cardiovascular system and cognitive performance may be enhanced by significant variations of the geomagnetic field (GMF) elements. Human physiological, psychophysiological and psychical processes and sensory abilities may be substantially influenced by these changes. The interest in revealing the correlation between the variations of the GMF and the human functional system is increasing but the possible physiological and psychophysiological mechanisms through which these variations interact with different processes in the human organism, have not been clearly established yet. The aim of this paper is to indicate the significance of the relations between GMF changes and various aspects of human functional systems. We have investigated 7 healthy men. The registrations of physiological parameters were made in Faraday cage and out of a Faraday cage. An available press-chamber was used as a Faraday cage. The results confirm the fact that there is a relation between suppression of the variable part of the GMF and the parameters investigated.

Key Words: Geomagnetic Field Variability, Physiological Parameters.