Near field travel-time solutions for Anatolia

Ilhan Osmansahin1 and Nilgün Sayil2

1 Department of Geophysics, University of Istanbul, 34850 Avcilar, Istanbul, Turkey

2 Department of Geophysics, Karadeniz Technical University, 61080 Trabzon, Turkey

(Received 21 February 2000; accepted 31 March 2000)

Abstract: It is possible to use two methods in the near field travel-time solutions. These are single-station and two-station travel-time methods. Input data for these methods are travel times of many events at the single station and the differences of arrival-times at the couple of station lying on the same great circle with an event, respectively. In order to determine Pn-wave velocity and broad crustal structure beneath Anatolia, we have applied single-station method for various directions with an expanded data set, and composed the results with previous information obtained from both method. Data set relating to 84 events (mb ] 4.6 and occurred since 1977) recorded at 22 stations have been used for computations. Pn-wave velocity has been determined as approximately 8.00 km/s. Thickness of crust is also 38 km as convenient with the previous investigations.

Key Words: Seismic Wave Velocity, Single-Station Method, Anatolia.