Study of the cross-border geothermal field in the Sarandoporos-Konitsa area by electrical soundings

H. Reci1, G. N. Tsokas1, C. B. Papazachos1, C. Thanassoulas2, R. Avxhiou2 and S. Bushati3

1 Geophysical Laboratory, School of Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54006 Thessaloniki, Greece.

2 I.G.M.E.,Institute for Geology and Mineral Exploration, 70 Messogion Str., Athens.

3 Geophysical Center of Tirana, L.9. Blloku “Vasil Shanto”, Tirana, Albania

(Received October 1999, accepted May 2000)

Abstract: The geothermic field in Sarandaporos-Konitsa lies in the cross-border area between Albania and Greece. The field has several surface manifestations and extended geological investigations, including tectonic and geomorphological studies have been carried out. This work presents the field application and interpretation of vertical electrical sounding (VES) data in both sides of the borders. The purpose was to study the structure down to the depth of 1000 m, in a relative large area, where information about the deep structure would have an extreme cost if acquired by a network of boreholes.

Two main geoelectrical formations that coincide with the flysch and the limestone basement are revealed. The area appears faulted in the NW-SE and NE-SW directions and a few concealed graben and horst structures exist. Low resistivity values were observed above basement uplifts and major faults. These values were attributed to hot fluid circulation.

Key words: Electrical Sounding, Geothermal Field, Sarandaporos-Konitsa Area, Albania, Greece.