Integral DMO revisited

Turan Kayiran1, Ismet Sincer2 and Orhan Gureli2

1 Ankara University Science Faculty Geophysical Engineering Department Besevler, Ankara, Turkey

2 Turkiye Petrolleri A.O. Exploration Group, Sogutozu, Ankara, Turkey

(Received 21 February 2000; accepted 6 November 2000)

Abstract: It is extremely important to investigate the variations as to the amplitude and phase of seismic wavelets in relative amplitude processing. This crucial point should be taken into consideration in terms of all the phases of a processing sequence. In this paper, DMO will be studied and analyzed with respect to amplitude and phase. Our objective is to find the amplitude correction term which must be applied to data reflected from dipping reflectors in order to insure amplitude preservation no matter what the value of dip angle is.

Key Words: DMO, NMO, CMP, Constant Offset Gather.