SKS Splitting observed at the Hungarian station PSZ - GEOFON Network

Marian Ivan1, László Tóth2 and Márta Kiszely2

1 Department of Geophysics, University of Bucharest, 6 Traian Vuia str., 70138 Bucharest o.p. 37, Romania.


2 Seismological Observatory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Meredek u. 18, H-1112 Budapest, Hungary.

(Received 20 August 2001, accepted 1 November 2001)

Abstract: By using two different processing codes, a splitting analysis of SKS waves has been performed at the Hungarian Station PSZ GEOFON Network. The obtained direction of the fastest splitted wave has the mean value of 141.2 8.7 (95% confidence level) when the ah_splitest2 code is used. The mean value of the delay time is 0.62 0.12 seconds. By using a second code, the direction of the fastest splitted wave is 133.3 8.6. The corresponding mean value of the delay time is 0.73 0.13 seconds. The results are discussed in relation to other stress indicators in the area and to the regional tectonic features.

Key words: SKS Splitting, PSZ GEOFON, Anisotropy, Stress