Determination of crustal density at the atmosphere-crust interface
of western Anatolia by using the fractal method

Mümtaz Hisarli and Naci Orbay

University of Istanbul, Engeneering Faculty, Geophysics Department, Avcilar, 34850, Istanbul

(Received 5 April 2001; accepted 6 June 2001)

Abstract: The crustal density at the crust-atmosphere interface is obtained by using gravity and topographic data of the Western Anatolia. There are scale-dependent and scale-independent components within the measured gravity data. Both components are related to topography and density, respectively. The fractal dimensions have been estimated from simple Bouguer anomalies, which were obtained from free air gravity anomalies for different densities. The minimum points of the fractal dimensions correspond to the density, which minimise the topographic effect. This density corresponds to the crustal density at atmosphere-crust interface for continental-scale gravity data sets. This value is found to be 2.58 g/cm3 for the Western Anatolia.

Key Words: Gravity, Bouguer Density, Fractal Analysis, Crustal Density