Automated mesh design for two-dimensional magnetotelluric
interpretation codes

Emin U. Ulugergerli and Mehmet E. Candansayar

Department of Geophysical Engineering, Ankara University, Beşevler, Ankara, 06100 Turkey


(Received 20 April 2001; accepted 8 June 2001)

Abstract: A scheme and associated computer programme for designing input mesh for two-dimensional (2D) magnetotelluric (MT) inversion codes are presented. The scheme is based on the so-called penetration depth (PD) concept. A mesh is designed using the average values for the smallest and the largest PDs of all stations along the profile. The location of additional rows and columns required by boundary condition applications are also printed out in a separate file in order to be fixed by the inversion code. An illustrative example of automatic mesh generation is presented. The scheme can be applied to other geoelectrical methods.

Key Words: Magnetotelluric, Automated Mesh, Niblett -Bostick Transformation, Penetration Depth