Reconstruction of Cole-Cole Parameters from IP Induction Sounding Data

I.N. Yeltsov, M.I. Epov and E.Yu. Antonov

Electromagnetic Fields Laboratory, Institute of Geophysics, Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Science,
630090 pr. Akademika Koptyuga, 3, Novosibirsk, Russia.

(Received 17 July 2000; accepted 28 June 2001)

Abstract: This paper deals with the non-stationary electromagnetic response to the inductive excitation of a medium containing a layer with the frequency-dependent dispersion of the electrical resistivity. The problem of reconstruction of the inductive induced polarization parameters is solved in the context of the well-known Cole-Cole model. The algorithm of solving inverse problem is based on the Nelder and Mead modified method. The algorithm tested for synthetic models, which are typical for the ore body prospecting, has shown the high effectiveness of the non-linear methods to recover the complex multi-parameter models. The error in the estimation of the induced polarization parameters is less than 3 per cent as it is shown by some examples.

Key Words: Inductive Induced Polarization, IP Inversion, Non-linear Minimization Methods.