Relations between the hydrocarbon migration chimney and
the electric self-potential field

Alfred Frasheri

Albanian Geophysical Society, Polytechnic University of Tirana


(Received 2 June 2001; accepted 20 September 2001)

Abstract: Survey results for the distribution of self-potential field over the oil reservoirs in Albania are presented. Self-potential surveys have been performed in the framework of the integrated geophysical-geochemical experimental investigation for a direct oil and gas exploration. Relations between self-potential anomalies and hydrocarbon migration chimney are arguments in a particular paragraph. It is observed that hydrocarbon migration chimney has caused a multi-elements geochemical anomaly and integrated geophysical ones. 3D modeling results of the self-potential field distribution in oil reservoir located at different depths are analyzed also.

Key words: Direct Hydrocarbon Exploration, Hydrocarbon Migration Chimney, Self-potential Anomalies, Vertical SP gradient.