Uranium in public water supplies in Migdonia Basin,
Central Macedonia, Northern Greece

A. Savidou1, G. Sideris2, N. Zouridakis1, K. Ochsenkühn1 and P. Sotiropoulos2

1National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” , 153 10 Aghia. Paraskevi, Athens, Greece

2TerraMentor e.e.i.g, Geotechnical Consortium, Tsoha 4, 174 55 Alimos, Athens, Greece

(Received 3 April 2002; accepted 19 July 2002)

Abstract: A surface and groundwater-sampling network has been set up for a period of time, to carry out accurate measurements of uranium concentration into public water supplies of the Migdonia basin in Northern Greece. About 19 samples from special wells, springs and taps that supply drinkable water were collected, in order to apply detailed uranium measurements. The collected samples were analysed using the delayed neutron activation technique. The samples were analysed at the facilities of the Greek National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, using its nuclear reactor as the neutron source and a gamma-ray spectrometer system. The results of the investigation show that uranium concentrations exist in public water supplies in a significant percentage.

Key Words: Radioelements, Uranium in Drinking Water, Public Water Supply, Delayed Neutron Activation.