Magnetic Interpretation of Horizontal Cylinders Using Displacement of the Maximum and Minimum by Upward Continuation



Ibrahim  KARA, Mustafa ÖZDEMIR and  Ali Ismet  KANLI

Istanbul University, Engineering Faculty, Department of  Geophysics,

34850, Avcılar, Istanbul, TURKEY.


(Received 18 November 2002; Accepted 9 January 2003)


Abstract: Three points belonging to maximum / minimum anomalies are obtained for infinitely extended horizontal cylinders. However, only two points will be prominent on the anomalies and the third will generally be far from the origin. In this paper an interpretation technique is suggested using displacement of the maximum and minimum when the upward continuation of the magnetic anomaly is performed. The depth (z), the index parameter (Q) and the amplitude coefficient (C) of the cylinder are calculated by deriving the equations, and the origin is located on the profile. The applicability of the method is tested for a theoretical model and the vertical magnetic anomaly over the Pima copper mine in Arizona is interpreted.

Keywords: magnetic interpretation; cylinder; upward continuation; shifted of extrema.