Applicability Study of Coincident Loop Trancient EM Soundings



Petros Karmis1, Taxiarchis Papadopoulos 2, Ioannis  F. Louis 2


1 Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration, Geophysics Department,

75 Mesogion 115 27 Athens Greece


2 Geophysics - Geothermy Division, Geology Department, University of Athens




Abstract: Model studies have been undertaken in order to investigate the applicability of Transient EM soundings using the coincident loop configuration. The models included 2 layer and 3 layer cases, studying the effect of varying the thickness of the first layer in the 2 layer case and the mid layer in the 3 layer case, with conductivity contrasts ranging from zero to one hundred. The effect of the loop size on resolution of the first layer and the detectability of the intermediate conductive and resistive target layers were also examined. Finally the models included 4 and 5 layer cases to assess the ability to detect resistive and conductive targets in complex structures and point out the advantages of the TEM method comparing to the Electrical DC method.