Seismic Tomography of the Near Vertical Incidence



Kokinou¹, A. Vafidis¹, J. Louis²


(¹) Applied Geophysics Lab. Dep. of Mineral Resource Eng. Technical Univ. of Crete, Chania, Greece 73100.


(²) Geophysics – Geothermic Division, Dep. of Geology, University of Athens, Panepistimiopolis Ilisia, Athens.



Corresponding author. Tel.: +32-8210-37643; Fax: +32-8210-37603




Abstract: A part of deep reflection data from Ionian Sea carried out in 1992 has been processed in order to improve their quality. Combination of well – known filters has been applied in our attempt to increase the signal to noise ratio of the data.

Reflections have been detected and picked by studying the shot gathers. Thereinafter the reflection times and offsets were used in order to reveal the 2-D reflection tomography of the study area. The velocity model of the area produced by analyzing the data is compared with the tomographic model. Then the migrated section of the study area is interpreted by combined the results from the seismic tomography and the standard seismic processing with geologic and drilling – data.


Keywords: Hellenic arc, Pre – Apulian zone, filtering, reflection tomography.