Funda Bilim1,* and Abdullah Ates1


1 University of Ankara, Engineering Faculty, Department of the Geophysical Engineering, Besevler 06100  Ankara, Turkey

* Corresponding Author Funda Bilim1,* and Abdullah Ates1


(Received 29 October 2002; accepted 13 february 2003)


Abstract: Analytic signal is one of the quantitative methods developed for interpretation of potential field data. In earlier studies, it was stated that the use of the analytic signal results in source body characteristics and the direction of the body magnetization was not needed for these estimations. However some form of distortion remains in the presence of remanence. A synthetic example demonstrates that if the analytic signal calculations are performed to the reduced to the pole anomalies, it produces better results. The analytic signal of reduced to the pole data is calculated for the aeromagnetic anomalies near the towns of Yozgat and Akcakent in central northern Turkey. In the studied area, the geological setting does not indicate any visible cause of the magnetic anomalies.


Key words: Analytic signal, Reduction to pole, Central northern Turkey, The magnetic anomalies.