Estimation of the paleopole positions from potential field anomalies of a local area in northern central Turkey


F. Bilim1 & A. Ates1*


Jeofizik Muh. Bol., Ankara Universitesi, Besevler, Ankara 06100, TURKEY


*Corresponding Author

E-mail:, Fax: 90-312-2120071



Abstract: Gravity and aeromagnetic anomalies of a local area in northern central Turkey obtained from the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration of Turkey (MTA) used to estimate the source body magnetization, which can also reveal the remanent magnetization component. Rocks collected from the outcrops suggest a mafic origin for the gravity and magnetic anomalies. Possible paleopole positions of latitude from -44.05o N to -27.480 N and longitude from 11.950 W to 23.400 W are calculated for varying induced intensity ranges. Koenigsberger ratios (Q) are calculated for inclination and declination angles of remanent magnetization for paleopole ranges to monitor the reliability of the paleopole positions. The present day geomagnetic pole position using the proposed method is estimated at approximately geographic latitude and longitude of 84.90 N and 72.80 W, respectively. This demonstrates the reliability of the existing mathematical algorithms. Calculated paleopole positions in the study area indicate that these formations are rotated about 500 in an anticlockwise direction as suggested by previous researchers in central Turkey.