2D focusing inversion of gravity data with the use of parameter variation as a stopping criterion

Yunus L. Ekinci

(1)Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Department of Geophysical Engineering, 17020, Çanakkale, Turkey


(Received 02 April 2008; accepted 25 September 2008)

Abstract: A modified 2D focusing inversion method for gravity data is presented in this paper. This iterative inversion method minimizes the area of the causative body and yields a compact density distribution. In order to find the required number of iterations for maximum compactness of the density distribution, the parameter variation function is proposed as a stopping criterion in the inversion procedure. A MATLAB-based inversion code for the proposed method was implemented and was tested on synthetic gravity data. This study revealed that if the causative bodies are compact and have a uniform density contrast, an exact recovery of the compact density distribution can be obtained when the parameter variation reaches a minimum value. Thus, the parameter variation function determines the required number of iterations for 2D focusing inversion of the gravity data.