Crustal structures beneath the seismogenic zones and lateral velocity contrasts across deep faults of Albania

Rrapo Ormeni

Institute of Geosciences , Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania


(Received 16 May 2009; accepted 28 November 2009)

Abstract:  One-dimensional (1D) velocity models are computed for Albania using a database of events recorded during 2002-2006 by the Albanian, Montenegro , Thessalonica and FYRo Macedonia seismological networks. These velocity models indicate lateral velocity differences across deep faults and improve the hypocentral depths. Smooth velocity gradients with depth and low P- wave velocities are observed beneath the Albania Orogen. The interpretation of the obtained 1D velocity models and lateral velocity differences across deep faults of Albania allows us to infer interesting features on the deep structure of the Albania . These results represent a first step towards more detailed seismotectonic analyses.