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(P.O.Box 30412, 100 33 Athens, Greece) 

The Hellenic Geophysical Union (H.G.U.) was founded in 1983 as the Scientific and Professional Body of Greek Geophysicists, based both in Greece and abroad. At the moment H.G.U. counts 125 members in Greece.

The expertise of the members of H.G.U. covers a wide range of scientific fields such as:


exploration geophysics

physics of the earth's interior

geophysical applications in archaeological prospection

remote sensing and its application analysis

environmental applications of geophysics

Members of the Union gain continuous experience through their participation in various Projects funded by the European Union and by other Domestic and International Organisations. H.G.U. is willing to contribute to the Social and Economic life of Greece by providing valuable advise within the range of its scientific expertise.

The Union has initially organised two Geophysical Congresses: in Athens (1989) and in Macedonia (Florina, 1993), with the participation of Greek and foreign geoscientists.

During the Florina Congress a broader Geophysical Body, the Balkan Geophysical Society (B.G.S.), was established. The Hellenic Geophysical Union was elected the first Society that took over the Presidency of the B.G.S. and pursued a successful three-year run.

The first Balkan Geophysical Congress took place in Athens during 23-27 September 1996, under the auspices of the Hellenic Geophysical Union.

The Hellenic Geophysical Union is keeping a firm communication with its members in Greece and abroad, through the newsletter , published in English.
Geophysical newsletter v.20, January 1999 is the current volume of .

Current activities include the one-day conference on the "Future of the Geophysical Profession in Greece" on March 5, 1999 at the University of Athens.

H.G.U. is willing to maintain a leading role within the BGS and to strengthen its links with EAGE, SEG and other professional bodies. Its candidature for the organisation of the annual EAGE Conference and Technical Exhibition in Athens, for the year 2005 was first discussed during Leipzig 1998 EAGE meeting, and was received well by EAGE panellists. It has also gained the enthusiastic support of many friends in the scientific community who would love travelling to Greece and have the opportunity to combine science and pleasure.

Athens, February, 1999