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NUMBER 1: February 1998

Presidential Address: Starting on-line journal of BGS for applied and pure geophysics

Ahmet T. Basokur        ( 1 )

Editorial Address: A Balkanian Journal

Gregory N. Tsokas     ( 2 )

A smoothness constrained algorithm for the fast 2-D inversion of DC resistivity and induced polarization data

P.I. Tsourlos, J.E. Szymanski and G.N. Tsokas    ( 3 )

Digital filter design using the hyperbolic tangent functions

Ahmet T. Basokur     ( 14 )


NUMBER 2: May 1998

Seismic hazard for some regions of the world examined using strain energy release

Theodoros M. Tsapanos         ( 19 )

Methods for interpretation of synthetically produced archaeomagnetic data

Meliha Dogan and Abdullah Ates    ( 27 )


NUMBER 3: August 1998

Geophysical landslide investigation and prediction in the hydrotechnical works

Alfred Frasheri, Ludvig Kapllani, Foto Dhima    ( 38 )

Three-dimensional magnetic model of amphibolite complex in Taskesti area, Mudurnu valley, North-West Turkey

A. Büyüksaraç, S. Reiprich and A. Ates     ( 44 )


NUMBER 4: November 1998

Calculation of the azimuthal inhomogeneity ratio response of 3-D structures using an analytical forward modelling scheme

K.M.Ermokhin, G.N.Tsokas, P. Tsourlos, V.V. Glasunov          ( 53 )

Geoelectric structure of Sousaki geothermal Area (Greece) deduced from two-dimensional magnetotelluric studies

D. Galanopoulos, E. Lagios, G.J.K. Dawes, B.A. Hobbs    ( 60 )

Editorial Board    (  75 )