Editorial address: A Balkanian Journal

Gregory N. Tsokas
Geophysical Laboratory, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki Panepistimioupolis,54006 Thessaloniki Greece.

The Balkan Geophysical Society was born as a will of all Geophysical Societies of the Balkan Nations during the Florina (Greece) conference of 1993. The need for a scientific journal published by the Society was expressed unanimously. This journal would host primarily, contributions on the advancements of Geophysics achieved by Balkan Scientists, thus creating a means of communication between them. This idea has now taken form with the
production of the present volume.
     Geophysics has a high-ranking status in the Balkan Nations and contributions of Balkan Scientists frequently feature in worldwide-distributed journals along with participation in international events. The Society aims to strengthen the links between those who lead the research and work in the industry of the Balkan Nations. Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society is an outcome of the collaboration between member Societies and they comprise the Editorial Board of the Journal.
     The Associate Editors currently form a body of six people who are well known active leaders in Geophysics in the Balkans and it is their view that the Journal should retain a high International status. The publications will comprise priority papers on Exploration Geophysics, Seismology and Physics of the Earth's interior concerning the Balkan Peninsula and its surrounding area. The complicated tectonic setting, the high seismicity and the rich mineral resources of the area go together to form a first class natural geophysical laboratory. This is the background to which the Journal is set, thus making it potentially favored by International researchers who are attracted to the area.
     The Editorial Board strongly believes that the Journal is a matter for all Balkan Geophysicists and in this respect it should be advertised by members of the Society at their place of work. The Board should expect moral and material support from member Societies, the affiliated members and individual geophysicist. The scientific status will rely on contributions from all sections of the Balkan Geophysical community.
     The Board is open to any suggestions concerning the content and style of the Journal and a working group, whose core is the Board, aims to summarize all the suggestions and the experience of the Journal's first year. These findings will be presented to the conference of the Society, which will be held in 1999 at Istanbul at which time the final form
of the Journal will be decided. Contributions and ideas from member Societies are also welcomed along with those who wish to take part in the working group.
     Dear colleagues, I invite you to share the excitement of a new Journal, created in the Balkans, and urge you to participate.