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NUMBER 1: February 1998

A study of shallow crustal structure in the Mygdonia Basin (N. Greece) based on the dispersion curves of Rayleigh waves

E.E. Karagianni, D.G. Panagiotopoulos, C.B. Papazachos, and P.W. Burton        ( 3 )

Possibility of deep gabbroic rocks, east of Tuz Lake, central Turkey, interpreted from aeromagnetic data

Abdullah Ates     ( 15 )


NUMBER 2: May 1999

An algorithm for the 3-D inversion of tomographic resistivity and induced polarisation data: Preliminary results

P.I. Tsourlos and R.D. Ogilvy         ( 30 )

Segmented variations in tectonic geomorphology of Datong-yangyuan fault zone, NW Beijing, China

Cheng Shaoping and Yang Guizhi    ( 46 )


NUMBER 3: August 1999

Properties of the magnetotelluric frequency-normalised impedance over a layered medium

Ahmet T. Basokur    ( 63 )

A discrete Markov model for earthquake occurrences in Southern Alaska and Aleutian Islands

Theodoros M. Tsapanos and Alexandra A. Papadopoulou     ( 75 )

Distribution of crustal magnetisation deduced from the inversion of MAGSAT data over Turkey

Mujgan Salk     ( 84 )


NUMBER 4: November 1999

An application of the semi-Markov model for earthquake occurrences in North Anatolia, Turkey

Yildiz Altinok and Demir Kolcak          ( 90 )

Detecting small-scale targets by the two-sided gradient transformation

M. Emin Candansayar, Ahmet T. Basokur and Ertan Peksen    ( 100 )

3-D seismic continuity attribute for mapping discontinuities in a target zone: optimum parameters and evaluation

Raef A. Elsayed    ( 112 )

Geophysical prospecting in the Akropotamos dam (N. Greece) by GPR and VLF methods

Alexandros S. Savvaidis, Gregory N. Tsokas, George Vargemezis and George Dimopoulos    ( 120 )

Geophysical prospecting in the Krousovitis dam (N. Greece) by seismic and resistivity methods

Alexandros S. Savvaidis, Gregory N. Tsokas, Pantelis Soupios, George Vargemezis,Maria Manakou, Panagiotis Tsourlos and Ilias Fikos    ( 128 )

Determination of crustal and upper mantle structure between Iran and Turkey from the dispersion of Rayleigh waves

Altan Necioglu    ( 139 )