Gregory N. Tsokas

Ahmet T. Basokur

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Salvatore Bushati

Ioane Dumitru

Misac Nabighian

Miroslav Starcevic

Petar Stavrev



Volume 3 Number 2 May 2000         ISSN 1302 - 1672



Temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity of granite and quartz-monzonite from south Bulgaria: geodynamic inferences


Stefan Shanov, Yotzo Yanev and Marcela Lastovickova

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The effect of the initial earthquake phase shift on the inversion of regional surface wave recordings for the estimation of crustal structure


Özcan Çakir, Murat Erduran and Salih Livaoglu

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Albanian geophysics through the time "Meeting of generations"


AGS and Editorial Board

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