Gregory N. Tsokas

Ahmet T. Basokur

Associate Editors

Salvatore Bushati

Ioane Dumitru

Misac Nabighian

Miroslav Starcevic

Petar Stavrev



Volume 3 Number 4 November 2000         ISSN 1302 - 1672 
Investigation of potential fields anomalies related with the Philippi basin and granitoid intrusion, NE Greece 
A. Stampolidis, G. N. Tsokas, G. Elefteriadis and D. Kondopoulou
Archaeointensity results from two ceramic kilns from N. Greece 
V. Spatharas, D. Kondopoulou, I. Liritzis and G. N. Tsokas 
Influence of the geomagnetic activity on the human functional systems 
Irina Stoilova and Thomas Zdravev 

The Milos Island Bouguer anolmaly revisited by means of a complex attribute analysis and inferred source parameter estimates
G. N. Tsokas

Analysis of geomagnetic field anomalies in the Leptokarya area, 
NE Greece
A. Stampolidis, G. N. Tsokas, D. Panagiotopoulos, D. Kondopoulou and 
A. Savvaidis