Shear wave splitting across Tornquist-Teisseyre zone in Poland

Pawel Wiejacz

Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences ul. Ks. Janusza 64, 01-452 Warszawa, Poland


(Received 1 March 2001; accepted 7 April 2001)

Abstract The area of Poland consists of two large geological units, the East- and West- European Platforms separated by a zone called Tornquist-Teisseyre Zone. With several modern seismological broadband stations, SKS splitting analysis was performed as to look into any differences in the splitting parameters from one platform to another, across the Tornquist-Teisseyre Zone. Although the results found are rather similar for all the five stations analyzed, a more close-up view of the results reveals two-layered anisotropic structures under both platforms and possibly a still more complicated situation in the Tornquist-Teisseyre Zone itself. The overall effective values of SKS fast split wave direction are in accord with the results known for other seismic stations nearby, namely in the Eastern part of Germany and in the Bohemain Massif.

Keywords: SKS Wave Splitting, Mantle Anisotropy, Tornquist-Teisseyre Zone