Gregory N. Tsokas

Ahmet T. Basokur

Associate Editors

Salvatore Bushati

Ioane Dumitru

Misac Nabighian

Miroslav Starcevic

Petar Stavrev



Volume 5 Number 3 August 2002         ISSN 1302 - 1672 
Magnetic anomaly separation using Generic Cellular Neural Networks 
Osman N. Ucan, Erdem Bilgili and Muhittin Albora
SKS Splitting observed at the Hungarian station PSZ - GEOFON Network 
Marian Ivan, Laszlo Toth and Marta Kiszely 
Bayesian extreme values distribution for seismicity parameters assessment in South America 
O. Ch. Galanis, T. M. Tsapanos, G. A. Papadopoulos and A. A. Kiratzi 
Analysis of gravity anomalies with hyperbolic density contrast: An application of the gravity data of Western Anatolia 
Coskun Sari and Mujgan Salk 
The use of geophisical prospecting for imaging the aquifer of Lakka carbonates, Mandoudi Euboea, Greece 
Ioannis F. Louis, Antonios P. Vafidis, Filippos I. Louis and Nikolaos Tassopoulos