Gregory N. Tsokas

Ahmet T. Basokur

Associate Editors

Salvatore Bushati

Dumitru Ioane

Misac Nabighian

Miroslav Starcevic

Petar Stavrev



Volume 6 Number 4 November 2003         ISSN 1302 - 1672 

Geophysical Study of Ada Tepe Occurence in Eastern Rhodopes


A. Tzvetkov

Investigation of the tectonic structure of the NW part of the Amynteon Basin (NW Greece) by means of a Vertical Electrical Sounding  (VES) Surveys


A. Azemoglou, P. Tsourlos and S. Porlides

Aeromagnetic modelling of compressional contact between the Ionian and pre Apulian zones, Ionian Islands, Greece 


Fatimi Maltezou, Panagiotis Stefanopoulos

Regional - residual magnetic field data separation in wavelet domain   209

Basiliki Tsivouraki - Papafotiou, Grigorios N. Tsokas, Panagiotis I. Tsourlos and Stavros Panas

 Evaluation of tectonic structure of Gelibolu (Turkey) using steerable filtres


Osman N. Urcan, A. Muhittin Albora, Attlia Ozmen

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