Modeling of seismic wave attenuation in soil structures using fractional derivative scheme

Ünal Dikmen1

1 Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Engineering, Dept. of Geophysical Eng., 58140 Sivas, Turkey


Abstract: The main problem in determination of dynamic behavior of soil structures under dynamic excitations, for instance earthquake loading, is the uncertainty of seismic energy dissipation mechanisms. In application, the damping process is represented by frequency dependent and empirical relations or alternatively a constant damping ratio is used. This paper simulates the damping process by a seismic energy dissipation depending upon the strain history in a soil material. This kind of damping scheme is named “fractional damping”. Two dimensional soil models have different type of physical, geometrical properties are modeled by the use of finite element method, and the results are compared with the Rayleigh damping procedure.