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Association of Geophysicists of Serbia

Dimitrija Avramovica 38

11030 Belgrade, Serbia

Tel/fax: +38111-2317005

E-mail: ageserbia@gmail.com

Web: https://www.ageserbia.org/

The youngest member society of BGS – established in 2007 (Yugoslav Geophysical Society stopped with activities in 2002). There are 60 members – engineers and technicians.

 AGS goals:

  • Promotion of geophysics and geosciences in the society, particularly in domain of: hydrocarbon, mineral resources and geothermal energy exploration, protection of the environment, hydrogeology, civil engineering, mining, cultural heritage and archaeology and spatial planning. Promotion is performed through: lectures, courses, Workshops and conferences, but also publishing activities (journals, monographs), exhibitions, etc.;

  • Promotion of geophysics and geosciences among students and young scientists, as well as their involvement into all AGS activities;

  • Cooperation with national and international institutions directed to geophysics and geosciences;

  • Cooperation with scientific societies (EAGE, SEG, SPE, AAPG, EGU, IUGS, IUGG);

  • Support to all members in their scientific and practical development;

  • Long-life education for all members by foreign and national experts;

  • Participation in projects and consulting activities;

  • Establishing foundation for awards to distinguished AGS members and as support to students mobility and their participation in international conferences.

Research interest of AGS:

  • Physics of the Earth’s Interior;

  • Hydrocarbon search;

  • Near-surface geophysics;

  • Geo-energy;

  • Special topics (Climate changes and mitigation – CCS, Remote sensing and satellite observations of the Earth, Geoheritage and geotourism, HSE in petroleum industry).

AGS is member of Balkan Geophysical Society and Associated Society to EAGE and SEG. Members of AGS are active in various committees of these two societies, but also at expert groups of EFG, EneRG, SPE and other associations.

In May 2009, the 5th Congress of Balkan Geophysical Society, co-organized with EAGE, ENeRG and SEG, is organized in Belgrade.