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The Chamber of Geophysical Engineers of Turkey

Address : Milli Müdafaa Caddesi No : 10/7 P.K. 749 06650 Kızılay / ANKARA
Telephone : +90 312 418 82 69
Telefax : +90
312 418 83 64 2005
E-mail : jfmo@jeofizik.org.tr

Chamber of Geophysical Engineers of Turkey (CGET), the only geophysical association of the country established in 1986, is a member of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects. It has inherited the technical and scientific background of the Turkish Geophysical Association, which was founded in 1961. 

Now having its center in Ankara, CGET has 1 main branch in Istanbul, 4 regional divisions, 15 branch offices in different cities of Turkey, 22 company representatives, 8 University representatives and 5 foreign representatives ( 2 in USA, Canada, UK and Germany ) which serve for a total of 1565 active members. 

CGET (then, the Geophysical Association), organized the 42nd EAEG Meeting and Exhibition in Istanbul in 1980. 

CGET has also organized 13 Geophysical Conventions and Exhibitions of which the last 6 were of international level. To give an example, 800 delegates from Turkey and foreign countries attended to the 13. Geophysical Convention of Turkey which was held in Ankara between 5-9 April 1993. 133 technical papers (54 from abroad) were presented and 24 companies took part in the Exhibition. 

Besides the Geophysical Conventions, CGET co-organizes the biannual "Petroleum Congress and Exhibition", jointly with Chamber of Petroleum Engineers of Turkey and Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists. It was the co-organizer of the 1st International Geophysical Congress of Kazakhstan held in Almaty between 15-19 May 1995. CGET recently organized "Istanbul97 International Geophysical Conference and Exposition" together with SEG and EAGE. 

CGET has two periodical publications. "JEOFIZIK" is a semiannual technical bulletin published in Turkish or English with abstracts both in Turkish and English. "Jeofizik Bulteni" is an informative bulletin published four times a year in Turkish. Our Chamber also publishes technical books from time to time to aid the development of the science of geophysics and geophysical education in Turkey. 

Being a legal organization founded by law, CGET represents the profession in governmental affairs and gives advise on legal matters concerning its members. It submits opinions and proposals to commissions established by the government through its representatives. 

CGET was the first Corporate Member of the EAEG and an Affiliate of the EAPG having representatives in the councils of both associations before the merger of the two into EAGE. Recently our Chamber became a section of the SEG. CGET has also established close relations with the geophysicists from many Balkan, East European and CIS countries. It has played an important and leading role in the establishment of "Balkan Geophysical Society" which has come into life in 1993. CGET is currently carrying the Presidency of the BGS (1997-1999) and is getting prepared for hosting its second congress in Turkey in 1999.