Gregory N. Tsokas

Ahmet T. Basokur

Associate Editors

Salvatore Bushati

Dumitru Ioane

Misac Nabighian

Miroslav Starcevic

Petar Stavrev



Volume 8 Number 4 November 2005         ISSN 1302 - 1672 

Image enhancement in seismic tomography by grid handling: Synthetic simulations with fault-like structures


F. I. Louis, K. C. Makropoulos and I. F. Louis

Determination of the Curie Point Depth and Heat Flow From Magsat Data of Western Anatolia


M. Salk, O. Pamukšu, I. Kaftan

Improvement of seismic imaging in a low signal-to-noise area by the use of post-stack stereotomography


I. Panea, E. Landa, G.G. Drijkoningen, R. Baina

Modeling of seismic wave attenuation in soil structures using fractional derivative scheme


▄. Dikmen


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A 3D crustal gravity modelling of the Romanian territory


D. Ioane, D. Ion


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